The Experience

The vision is set. The site is chosen. The production company is hired. The keynote speakers are booked. The entertainment is lined up. Now what?  Who is hosting and running the event from the stage? Who is engaging your audiences, bringing them into conversation. Who is tying the client’s purpose, content and vision into one huge and captivating experience for the attendees?


The best events are those that are well executed with content that resonates with attendees. From Marathons to Fashion shows, More Than Me LLC is front stage translating your vision and brand with a great level of professionalism, as well giving your attendees gargantuan levels of energy, information and excitement.  Leaving them inspired and ready to pay your vision forward.odds matching tool

“Build with your fellow neighbor and be merry”

We believe, tremendously, that in order to be a true leader, you have to dedicate yourself to great service. We live on this planet to make it better, in order to do so, you have to start with its people.
Tinika Blackmon

Corporate Event Hosting

Having years of experience in commentating fashion shows, to speaking within the self help industry, There is no doubt, The Blackmon’s, are a tremendous force on stage. They have spoken and hosted for major events, corporations, and associations across the nation, sharing their energy and skill set with their audience. As they are a great duo, they both bring the same amount of tenacity and grace to the stage, separately, Giving them an effectiveness that can not be matched.

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Fashion modeling/
Show Production

The model couple is one of the most recognized personalities in the retail fashion industry. Never turning their backs on their true love of runway and editorial modeling, they continue to be a force in a industry that has fully embraced their unique characteristics and work ethic. Outside of walking the runway, the More Than Me co-founders, take their love for the fashion industry and they  introduce it to the youth and community by creating, developing and hosting the production of fashion shows all over the country. They also host the creativeness of other show developers to take on wowing the on lookers from the stage.

Sports Emcee/Hosting

Because of their finesse and expertise, give More Than Me LLC’s team, a microphone and a crowd and the rest is motivational history. Working with Nascar, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC (Soccer Team), Atlanta Hawks and an endless numbers of marathons across the country, they have quickly become the sports industry go-to stage winners for their clients.